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5 ways to remake your coffee habit for weight loss

While pure black coffee offers plenty of health benefits when it is consumed in moderation, too many coffee beverages contribute to weight gain. Help yourself shed pounds this new year by reviewing your coffee habit and making calorie-trimming adjustments. Doing so will give Phentermine 37.5 mg an extra boost to work as effectively as possible.

Eat Breakfast

Because coffee is a stimulant, it gives you a temporary buzz that can make you forget you are hungry. However, you will still get those mid-morning hunger pangs that have you reaching for donuts once that buzz wears off. Pair your morning cup of joe with fiber and protein sources so you feel satiated until it’s time for a healthy lunch.

Replace Sugar With Cinnamon

Instead of adding more than a few spoonfuls of sugar to your coffee and therefore plenty of calories, opt for cinnamon. It sweetens the beverage while providing a dose of antioxidants. It also contributes to low blood pressure and features anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Try Sparkling Coffee

Sparkling coffee provides a hydrating, healthier alternative to soda to help you cut calories. Many feature electrolyte and antioxidant content as well as less caffeine to make your coffee intake healthier.

Opt For Organic Cream

Commercial creamers feature artificial sweeteners, flavors, and other additives that do not help your waistline or health overall. Use organic creamer instead, and try to use less whenever you can. The blacker the coffee, the less calories it features.

Make Your Own

Ordering coffee drinks containing tons of syrup and whipped cream means starting your days with calorie bombs. Make your own coffee at home using the additives mentioned above to make your mornings healthier.
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