If you’re finished with the keto diet, it’s normal to feel worried about regaining weight. Yet there are many ways to avoid post-keto weight gain. In addition to taking Phentermine 37.5mg, use these tips to stay healthy and fit.

Go Slow

It takes time for the body to reprogram itself and therefore use carbs instead of fat for fuel.

The first piece of advice I give my clients looking to come off keto is to take it slow,” says personal trainer Jamie Hickey. “Start by adding small servings of fruits and starchy vegetables and working your way up incrementally.”

Maintain Your Exercise Routine

Staying active is key to lasting weight loss.

“Exercise is critical to helping your body re-adapt to using carbs as fuel,” notes Heidi Skolnick, MS, CDN, FACSM. “And the good news is, with carbs as fuel, you may find those HITT workouts easier.”

Keep Your Protein Intake the Same

While healthy fats contribute to satiety, so does protein.

“Maintain or even slightly increase your protein at first,” Skolnik recommends so you feel full and subsequently avoid binge sessions with simple carbs.

Consider the Intermittent Fasting Option

Intermittent fasting means restricting eating to a 12 to eight-hour period over the course of each day.

“When transitioning off keto, it can help to move into intermittent fasting,” says registered dietitian Alicia Galvin.

Monitor Caloric Intake

Know how many calories you are consuming at every meal to maintain calories-in, calories-out activity. Read food labels at the grocery store and measure portion sizes to avoid accidentally overeating.

“Watch your total calorie intake to avoid eating an excessive amount of calories,” says registered dietitian Marta Ferraz Valles.

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