Autumn is officially here, and with it the weather many find ideal. If you are increasing your weight loss efforts this fall as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and love to walk, use the following tips to make the most of the next couple of months.

Walk Faster

Walking is a wonderful, low-impact form of exercise that offers some if not all of the same benefits of jogging/running without the joint stress. Try increasing your pace if walking is your favorite form of exercise. Aim for at 30 to 60-minute sessions five or six days a week for best results….and enjoy the fall foliage.

Find Hills

Hills provide the calorie-burning benefits you want and also help increase your endurance. Burn as much as 60 percent more calories per mile walking uphill. If you live in a less-than-hilly area, climb stairs as much as possible and consider fighting an uphill battle on a treadmill.

Use Poles

Hiking or walking poles are ideal if moving quickly is not exactly an option. Use the poles for support and enjoy the benefit of burning extra calories…and building your upper body strength.

Add Speedy Intervals

Walking as fast as possible for short intervals is yet another way to burn more calories while walking. Walk quickly for two minutes, go back to your normal pace for four or five minutes, then repeat. This an easy and effective form of interval training that gets you the results you want fast.

Carry Weight

Carrying weight as you walk helps burn calories, but can put stress on joints if it is not executed correctly. Add no more than 10 pounds of weight to a backpack or weight vest so the extra pounds are distributed evenly and will not injure you.

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