The holidays are synonymous with food indulgences for most people, often resulting in expanded waistlines come January. If you feel like you are battling the bulge now that the season is over, use these tips along with Phentermine 37.5 mg to get back into healthy eating and exercise patterns.

Eat More Fiber & Protein

If you’ve been consuming lots of sugar and simple carbohydrates this holiday, start incorporating more fiber and protein into your diet. Both take the body longer to digest so you feel fuller for longer, unlike simple carbs and sweets.

Drink Green Tea

Leave egg nog and sugary holiday beverages in 2018! Swap them for green tea, a natural diuretic that’s loaded with antioxidants. Among those antioxidants are catechins that encourage the release of fat from fat cells and help the liver turn fat into energy efficiently.

Work Out In The Morning

Get in the habit of exercising in the morning. Not only will you feel great about having gotten workouts in, you will also jumpstart your metabolism. Working out on an empty stomach means your body uses its fat sources to burn energy.

Enjoy More Fruit Salad

Banish holiday bloat with refreshing fruit salads full of tropical options such as kiwi, honeydew, and papaya. These fruits combat water retention and encourage healthy elimination to keep your stomach flat.

Drink More Water

Start drinking plenty of water again if you haven’t already to curb hunger and otherwise provide your body with the hydration it needs to be strong and healthy. Too many people mistake hunger for thirst, a problem that can be especially prevalent during the holidays when you are drinking alcohol and eating more sweets. Both contribute to dehydration.
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