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5 Types Of Hunger: What You Need To Know

Hunger falls into several categories, some of which are simply triggers for weight gain. Help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic by learning about five hunger types to keep in mind the next time you “think” you need food.

Nose Hunger

The scent of freshly-baked bread or anything else that ranks high on the yumminess scale can instantly make you feel hungry. If you are really and truly hungry, you will have no issue eating a healthier version of what your nose is currently enjoying.

Eye Hunger

Seeing a delicious pizza or a beautiful chocolate cake can easily make you think you are starving. Ask yourself this before taking a bite: if a piece of fruit or a salad was in front of you, would you still feel hungry? If the answer is no, remove the temptation from your line of sight. If the answer is yes, allow yourself an indulgence and be sure to savor every morsel.

Heart Hunger

This type of hunger could also be called emotional hunger. It stems from any “uncomfortable” feeling, such as sadness or boredom. Find other ways to cure what ails you, such as taking a moment to think about why you are feeling that way. Deep breathing, a walk around the block, or watching a funny video all help this “hunger” go away as well.

Cellular Hunger

Feeling tired can make junk food seem even more appetizing. Ironically, heavy foods result in more fatigue because they are challenging for the body to process. Try taking a power nap or eating something with protein to energize you.

Stomach Hunger

A rumbling stomach means you are really and truly hungry! Satisfy that hunger with something healthy, such as a hearty salad or whole grain dish.

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