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5 tips to help you start exercising

If starting an exercise regimen is a new goal now that you are taking Phentermine 37.5mg, review the following tips. The miracle diet pill works that much faster when you exercise, so the sooner you start burning calories, the quicker you will whittle your middle.

Put Your Sneakers On

Wear your sneakers more often to encourage exercise efforts.

“It’s the start that stops people from exercising,” says Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., director of The Center of Sport and Performance Psychology at Minnesota State University. “If you just put on your yoga pants or sports bra, chances are, you will get out the door and follow through with your workout plans.”

Schedule Your Workouts

Get out of the “I will work out when I have time” mentality by planning it the way you do your errands or evenings out with friends. It makes it much easier to stick to your plans.

Find Exercises You Love

Experiment until you find something you really love to do, whether it’s running, boxing, biking, dancing, yoga, CrossFit, or something else.

“Finding a workout you’re interested in is key to keeping you from feeling defeated and quitting,” says trainer Amber Rees, a co-founder of online fitness membership project Brave Body Fitness.

Make It A Priority For Three Weeks

Change your “working out is a drag” mindset by making exercise a priority for three weeks. By the time the three weeks are over, you will likely have a totally different, very positive view of exercise. Experts say it takes about that time to build up a habit. Remind yourself how great you feel once you exercise, and think about all the wonderful benefits you will enjoy.

Get A Buddy

Start working out with a friend or family member. Letting another person in on your health goals holds you accountable to your health goals.

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