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5 Tips For Running On The Beach

Running on the beach provides a fantastic workout that does not stress the joints the way running on pavement does. If you are gearing up to run along the coastline for the first time as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, use these tips to get more from the workout:

Warm Up Your Legs

Began your workout with squats and ankle rolls to warm up your legs. Sand makes the leg muscles work harder, and the uneven terrain can be taxing on the ankles without the right preparation.

Switch Between Hard & Soft Sand

Run for two minutes on soft sand to really work your muscles and follow it with two minutes on wet sand to recover. Continue this pace for as long as you want to enjoy an incredible workout. Harder, wetter sand helps you build endurance, while soft sand makes your run extremely challenging.

Keep The Slope In Mind

Try to run on flat ground as much as possible. Running on a slope means one leg is not fully extended and will subsequently take the brunt of the impact. Stay along the flat coastline as much as possible when you are not running on soft sand to avoid aggravating the muscles in one leg.

Wear Sneakers

Wear sneakers at least the first few times you run on sand to give your ankles the support they need. Run on mainly hard sand once you ditch the shoes to help your ankles and legs become used to the surface.

Aim For At Least Three Runs Per Week

Work up to at least three runs on the beach per week. You do not need to run on sand as much as you do other surfaces since it is such a powerful workout.
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