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5 tips for making thanksgiving dishes healthier

If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg, it’s normal to be a little worried about the upcoming holidays. With all the tasty-yet-fattening fare seemingly everywhere, any weight loss plan can get derailed. Help yourself enjoy a healthier Thanksgiving this year with these diet-conscious cooking ideas.

Use Olive Oil Instead Of Butter

Swap butter for olive oil in mashed potatoes and other Thanksgiving dishes. Avoid excess cream as well, and go for vegetable broth, fresh herbs, and garlic instead. Everything will stay flavorful without the extra fat. Also replace vegetable oil with ghee and avocado oil for even more weight loss benefits.

Skip The Salt

Work with herbs instead of salt this holiday season. Dried spices and fresh herbs offer endless flavor combinations without the sodium that causes bloat and makes you feel dehydrated. Roasted vegetables and turkey, for example, taste great with dill, cilantro, and other fresh, chopped herbs.

Make Mashed Potatoes The “Sweet” Way

Substitute regular potatoes for sweet potatoes to create a healthier Thanksgiving side that’s free of excess butter, cream, and cheese. Sweet potatoes keep you feeling full and come loaded with vitamin A to support skin, eye, and immune system health.

Bake Pies Without The Crust

Look for pie recipes that don’t require a fattening crust, such as pumpkin pie, to save yourself extra carbs and calories. If you still want to make pies with crust, use whole wheat flour and coconut oil instead of white flour and butter. You can also forgo pies entirely in favor of pumpkin pudding made with pudding mix, pumpkin puree, and spices.

Make Your Own Stuffing

Forget store-bought stuffing that’s loaded with chemicals and white bread. Go for homemade versions made with whole wheat artisan bread and fresh herbs instead.
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