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5 tips for losing weight this weekend

Whether they are dieting or not, a common problem many people have is over-indulging on the weekends after eating well and exercising all week. Instead of continually setting your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts back every week, use the following tips to lose weight on the weekends:

Maintain Your Eating Schedule

Sleeping in on weekends can hinder your entire eating schedule, resulting in poor food choices. Try to wake up around the same time you do on weekdays to maintain your eating schedule, such as having breakfast within an hour of waking up or enjoying a high-protein snack during the afternoon.

Stay Active

You don’t have to formally exercise on the weekends, but you can do plenty of other things that burn calories. Go for a hike, spend an hour at an indoor trampoline park, take walks around the neighborhood with friends and family, enjoy gardening in your backyard, go biking, try a climbing gym, etc.

Eat Before Socializing

Rather than waiting until you get to the restaurant or party to eat, enjoy a healthy meal high in protein and fiber. You won’t be tempted to make a variety of poor food choices because you are famished.

Make Big Breakfasts

Since you typically have more time on the weekends, use it to make big breakfasts full of whole foods. Breakfast jump starts your metabolism so you burn more calories all day long. Doing so sets the foundation for a healthy weekend.

Keep Drinking Water

Too many people mistake hunger for thirst, so stay hydrated on weekends to avoid reaching for greasy foods. Water also curbs the appetite and helps flush fat cells from the body. Keep a canteen or bottle with you all weekend.
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