Perhaps you and your special someone indulged in a rich Valentine’s Day dinner with wine and plenty of chocolate. Maybe you and your friends enjoyed a “Galentine’s Day” dinner that included fried foods or other fare that packs on the pounds. Rather than chastising yourself for enjoying this special day, use these tips to get back on your Phentermine 37.5 mg regimen.

Drink Cold Water

Start the next day with two or three glasses of cold water. The liquid not only wakes your brain and organs up, it jump-starts your metabolism. The “chilliness” of the water also plays a role, as the body burns calories to warm it.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Enjoy a healthy, protein-filled breakfast to further rev your metabolism and keep you satiated until lunch. It is a lot easier to avoid unhealthy mid-morning food choices when you eat a balanced, filling breakfast.

Take A Mid-Day Walk

Take a lunchtime break and walk around your office complex, neighborhood, or other safe area. Don’t sit all day–this is bad for your overall health and does nothing to help you burn calories!

Hide The Valentine’s Day Snacks

Put leftover Valentine’s candy somewhere not immediately visible, such as the back of your freezer or behind some canned beans in the pantry. Put out healthy fare as snack options instead, such as a beautiful bowl of fruit. It is much easier to make healthy snack choices when they are within your line of site.

Add Extra Minutes To Your Workout

Work out a little harder in the days following Valentine’s Day to challenge your body and burn more calories. Switch your routine if you have not seen the results you want lately, as you may have plateaued. Fitness plateaus are easy to overcome with exercise changes and weight loss-promoting foods.
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