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5 Tips For Enjoying Bread Without The Weight Gain

Bread is beloved the world over, but can be a serious waistline enemy. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5 mg and do not want to fully eliminate bread from your diet, use these tips to enjoy the favorite food without injuring your weight loss efforts.

Stick To Whole Wheat Bread

Always consume whole wheat bread, including sprouted versions or those loaded with seeds. Whole wheat is a complex carb, unlike white and potato bread options. Simple carb breads do nothing for fast weight loss because they cause the blood sugar to spike and then crash, resulting in feelings of hunger about 20 minutes after you have eaten.

Add A Healthy Fat

Enjoy various whole wheat breads with healthy, satiating fat that prevents mid-morning and late afternoon hunger pangs. Avocado slices are an excellent option, as is olive oil. The classic avocado toast, or toasted bread with mashed avocado and a light sprinkling of sea salt, makes a great breakfast or lunch dish.

Share With Friends

Share bread with your favorite people to keep your calorie count down for the day. Offer a variety of condiments, including healthy options such as hummus and bean spread, to provide everyone with a satisfying snack.

Add Protein

Stay fuller for longer by pairing bread with protein, such as soy, chicken, or fish. Stick to lean protein sources to enjoy the weight loss benefits without the stress on your digestive system.

Avoid Processed Bread

Buy bread from the local farmer’s market or bakery instead of the grocery store. Such breads come loaded with preservatives, while those from bakeries and farmer’s market are made fresh with only a few simple ingredients.

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