Saint Patrick’s Day has been a holiday of excess for many years, resulting in bar crawls, parades…and lots of empty calorie consumption. If you recently started taking Phentermine pills and do not want to derail your weight loss efforts on this somewhat-notorious drinking holiday, read on.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Stagger your beer or liquor intake with water. This helps you feel full and drink less so you consume fewer empty calories. Water also keeps you from feeling severely intoxicated, something that impairs your judgement and makes poor food decisions more likely.

Skip The Pub Crawls

Say no to pub crawls, as even having one beverage at every bar adds up if you visit 10 establishments. If you must go on a pub crawl, have a beer at every other bar so you feel less drunk and ingest fewer calories.

Eat Before You Go Out

Consume a high-protein, high-fiber meal before you go out for the day. Food in your stomach not only absorbs alcohol to keep you from feeling extra drunk, it also helps you avoid high-fat food decisions, such as soft pretzels and other bar fare.

Exercise Too

Also get a workout in before you go out for the day to help your metabolism get moving. Do some cardio to work up a healthy sweat and drink plenty of cold water to help your body burn more calories.

Leave Before It Gets Crazy

Help yourself avoid a bad hangover by saying goodbye to everyone before things get really crazy. Remember to keep drinking water, especially before you go to bed, so you get a good night’s rest. Restful sleep is imperative to weight loss, and alcohol interferes with healthy slumber.
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