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5 Summer Workout Mistakes

Help yourself lose weight this summer by eating right, working out, and taking Phentermine 37.5mg. Get more from your warm weather sweat sessions by avoiding the following summer workout mistakes. Many of these mistakes are common, so don’t beat yourself up if you find you are “guilty”!

Working Out In The Late Morning/Middle Of The Day

Outdoor workouts during summer must happen in the early morning or early evening when the weather is cooler. Working out between 10am and 3pm means you are in the heat of the day and will become dehydrated that much quicker (and sustain more skin damage from UV rays).

Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee before you work out does not provide any hydration benefits, as java is a diuretic. You will subsequently lose even more fluid if you chug the drink before hitting the pavement. Drink at least two glasses of water before you begin and bring water with you to stay hydrated throughout your workout.

Not Eating Enough

Eating a snack or light meal 30 minutes after you work out is imperative for replenishing your energy. Try some carrot sticks and hummus or some cheese and whole wheat crackers. The heat does not necessarily promote hunger, however you still need to consume something healthy to restore what you have lost.

Wearing Dark Colors

Dark-colored clothing absorbs heat and should be avoiding when choosing your workout clothing. Wear light colors that reflect heat so you do not feel as though you are baking like a potato in the oven under the summer sun.

Failing To Bring Water To A Pool Workout

Working out in water is one of the best ways to exercise, however it does not mean you can leave the agua bottles at home. Exercising in water is not the same as drinking it, so be sure to keep yourself hydrated during pool and ocean workouts.

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