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5 summer foods for weight loss

Help your weight loss efforts this season with delicious and healthy summer foods that promote the burning of calories and fat. Use any or all of the following foods to make Phentermine 37.5mg that much more effective:

Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms make great burger substitutes due to their beefy texture. They are as flavorful as they are low-fat, and work well with heart-healthy additives such as olive oil and garlic. Research also indicates portobello mushrooms help regulate blood sugar to reduce insulin spikes and cravings so you lose weight faster.


Antioxidant-loaded cherries satisfy sweet tooths to keep you from eating too much milk chocolate or that bag of cookies in the pantry. Their resveratrol content has been found to turn excess white fat into metabolism-burning brown fat to reduce weight gain.


Hydrating, crunchy cucumbers fight inflammation thanks to their antioxidant content. The green veggie is also low in calories but helps you feel full because they contain so much water.


A combination of citrus with omega-3 fatty acid fish, ceviche fights inflammation and satisfies hunger minus the high calorie count. It even reduces your risk of heart disease according to recent research. Studies have also found ceviche flavored with capsaicin, or the compound that gives chili peppers their bite, helps overweight people shed fat effectively.


Grapefruit offers an array of amazing health benefits, including those that shrink your waistline. It stabilizes insulin levels to suppress sugar cravings so you don’t reach for that candy bar. Consuming half a cup of pure grapefruit juice before meals helps overweight individuals lose weight at a faster rate according to recent studies.

Look for Part 2 of this series for more summer weight loss foods!

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