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5 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Burn Calories

Cleaning and disinfecting your home is one of the best things you can do as you wait out the coronavirus since it helps reduce your risk of infection. Review cleaning tasks that burn the most calories to help you manage your weight while taking Phentermine 37.5 mg.


Take the vacuum out to burn 94 calories in a half hour if you’re a woman and 111 calories if you’re a man. Vacuuming the whole house burns even more calories, especially if you incorporate dance moves. Shaking your hips and twisting your waist helps you get rid of belly fat.


Sweep your floors for a half hour to burn up to 87 calories if you’re female and up to 102 calories if you’re male. Women and men can burn up to 174 and 204 calories, respectively, if they sweep for 60 minutes.


Eliminate dust in your home to enjoy healthier indoor air in addition to burning calories. Wear a dust mask so you don’t sneeze for the rest of the day, especially if you have allergies. Dusting burns 57 calories and 66 calories for women and men, respectively, when performed for 30 minutes.

Organizing The Bedroom

Clean and organize your bedroom to burn up to 189 and 223 calories for women and men. Add to the calorie burning by performing squats and lunges as you make your bed, clean out your closet, dust your shelves, and go through piles of clutter.

Scrubbing The Bathroom

Burn up to 106 calories for women and 124 calories for men by scrubbing the bathtub and the rest of the bathing space. Scrubbing also helps you tone the muscles in your arms, which increases your upper body strength in addition to providing sculpting benefits.
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