Protein is a diet staple because it takes so long to digest, which helps you feel fuller for longer and subsequently avoid poor food choices. Fruit among many other whole foods provides protein as well as fiber to help you stay satiated. Review some of the best fruit protein sources here to help your Phentermine pill-fueled diet regimen.


This extra-sweet and portable fruit features more than half a gram of protein per cup. Grapes go exceptionally well with hard-boiled eggs or cheese to help you reach your protein goal for the day. Keep them in a pretty bowl in your kitchen or den so they are always within reach.


Apples may only contain 0.5 grams of protein per cup, but they pair beautifully with other protein sources such as nut butters. Almond and peanut butters are among the best-tasting options. Apples also do well with assorted hummus varieties–make your own to avoid the extra sodium.


The red fruit contains 1.03 grams of protein per cup as well as plenty of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Enjoy them in yogurt, your morning smoothie, or atop oatmeal to stay full throughout the morning.


It may surprise you to learn that avocado is a fruit due to its serious healthy fat content; however, the green whole food contains 1.33g of protein per half. And since it’s such an excellent source of healthy fat, it’s guaranteed to keep you full. Avocado toast, for example, is a wonderful breakfast or lunch option.


At 1.4 grams of protein per cup, peaches make another outstanding source of fruit protein. Enjoy them with yogurt or cottage cheese for an extra dose of protein that avoids mid-morning hunger pangs.
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