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5 signs you are obsessing about your weight

As important as weight loss is for your physical, emotional, and mental health, it is possible to start obsessing. Obsession over weight loss often morphs into eating disorders, so if you think you might be worrying about your weight too much, review these signs:

Eating At Certain Times

Healthy snacking throughout the day is something a wide range of weight loss experts recommend because you do not have worry about deprivation and making unhealthy food choices. Allowing yourself to eat at certain times only and refusing to eat other times even if you are hungry, you are depriving yourself…and possibly putting your body in starvation mode.

Cutting Out Entire Food Groups

While some dishes are not edible to you due to ethical or allergy reasons, if you find yourself dismissing entire food groups because of weight loss, you may have an issue. Cutting entire groups, such as all fat–including health fat–is a red flag you need to be aware of.

Foregoing Restaurants

Refraining from eating at restaurants and enjoying time with friends and family is another warning sign of weight loss obsession. You may be worried you will not be able to control yourself, or simply feel anxiety anytime someone mentions the word ‘restaurant.’

Strict Exercise Schedule

A routine exercise schedule is a great thing–a strict one is not, especially if you haven’t eaten. The body requires fuel before and after working out, and there is such a thing as over-exercising. Too much strain on the body does not allow the muscles to repair themselves and make you stronger.

Excessive Calorie Counting

Obsessing over how many calories you ingest every day is yet another sign of weight loss obsession. You do not need to worry about your caloric intake that much if you are making healthy food decisions, especially if you burn most of what you eat off with exercise.

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