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5 signs of a sugar addiction

Sugar addictions are real, and problems that affect weight loss efforts among other things related to bodily health. If you have always had a sweet tooth, take a moment to learn some of the warning signs of sugar addiction so you can break the cycle and help Phentermine 37.5mg work as effectively as possible.

Sign #1: You Can Never Seem To Satisfy A Craving

The more addicted you are to the sweet stuff, the harder it becomes to satisfy cravings. Perhaps you used to satisfy your craving with a candy bar once a week, but now you need candy bars several days a week plus other sugary treats such as ice cream. Like any other addiction, you need more to “get a fix.”

Sign #2: You Hide What You Eat

Have you started hiding chocolate and other sugar-heavy snacks from family and friends? Do you consume them when you know you will be alone because you feel embarrassed or ashamed? Constantly making excuses is a clear warning sign.

Sign #3: You Crave Salt

Eating too many sugary snacks on a regular basis means you probably aren’t getting the nutrients you need, causing your body to crave salty, savory foods. Increase your intake of protein and healthy fat to see if this craving goes away.

Sign #4: You Eat Sugar When You Are Upset Or Stressed

Always turning to sugar when you feel distressed, sad, bored, or otherwise upset is another clear sign of a sugar addiction. The more you use sugar for emotional relief, the more you will associate it with bad feelings and use it as a coping mechanism.

Sign #5: You Make Special Trips

Do you stop at gas stations, convenient stores, and other establishments just to buy sugary snacks? If you are always going out of your way, it is time to make changes.

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