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5 signs of a slow metabolism

Your metabolism has everything to do with fast weight loss because it helps avoid fat storage and promotes calorie burning. If you think your metabolism is interfering with your weight loss project with Phentermine 37.5mg, review these warning signs.

Problems Losing Weight

If it seems like you cannot lose weight despite remaining conscious about what you eat and exercising regularly, your metabolism could be to blame. A slow metabolism can also make you gain weight despite efforts to shed pounds. The issue is commonly due to hypothyroidism, a condition that slows the basal metabolic rate due to insufficient thyroid hormone production. The thyroid glands are extremely important to normal metabolism functions.

Dry Skin

A slow metabolism decreases cellular activities, which causes them to receive less blood and therefore fewer nutrients. When skin cells do not enjoy vital nutrients, the organ starts to dry out and look less than lustrous. The body also tries to conserve heat, meaning you sweat less and deal with cracked, dry skin.

Frequent Headaches

Unbalanced thyroid hormones contribute to head pain, which makes you even less likely to work out because you don’t feel up to it. Headaches present yet another avenue to weight gain due to fewer calories burned.

Depressed Feelings

Hormonal issues can affect your mood, especially if you haven’t been eating right or working out, both of which contribute to better outlooks. If you’re feeling depressed for seemingly no reason, your slow metabolism could be the reason.

Sugar & Carb Cravings

A slow metabolism contributes to weight gain once again because it causes insulin resistance that makes you crave sweets and simple carbohydrates. When the body does not use insulin correctly, cells cannot absorb glucose to make sugar and carb cravings a constant issue.

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