You’ve worked hard at weight loss for many months now: you eat right, get enough exercise, and have remained diligent about taking Phentermine 37.5mg. If you can’t seem to lose those last stubborn five pounds, discover some mistakes you may be unintentionally making:

Workouts Are No Longer A Challenge

If you have plateaued with your workout, you probably will not be shedding extra weight anytime soon. Take your exercise regimen up a few notches by incorporating fat-blasting, high-intensity interval training that gives your metabolism a jump start…and therefore helps you burn serious calories.

Too Much Diet Soda

Diet soda is not the key to weight loss. Studies have found the artificial sweeteners featured in diet beverages actually have the opposite effect: they contribute to a serious sweet tooth and weight gain! Ditch the diet stuff and try to break your soda habit completely to help the last few pounds fall off.

Endless Diet Restrictions

Maintaining a strict diet may seem like the best thing; however, excessive restraint can actually have the opposite effect in the future. Rather than potentially binging on something, have that chocolate chip cookie that’s calling your name and really savor it. You will thank yourself later.

Tons Of Sports Drinks

Drinking sports beverages on a daily basis is another direct path to weight gain because they are full of sugar and empty calories. Stick to the best sports drink–water–to stay hydrated and energized during your workouts. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant.

Processed Snacks

Relying on processed snacks during work hours or as special treats is a way to ingest plenty of unnecessary calories and fat. Enjoy healthy snacks as much instead, such as veggie slices with homemade hummus or natural peanut butter, low-fat Greek yogurt, and whole-grain cereal.

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