Knowing what foods are among the worst offenders for winter weight gain is key to shedding pounds this season with Phentermine 37.5mg. Review foods to abstain from or at least enjoy in moderation. 

Cream-Based Soups

Stick to soups made with broth this winter.

“Soups are a great winter food and usually an amazing way to sneak in extra veggies into your diet. However, they can quickly become detrimental to your waistline if you keep choosing the ones made with heavy cream,” says Paula Doebrich, MPH, RDN. “Try to opt for lighter, vegetable-based soups to avoid unwanted weight gain.” 


Holiday cookies provide an easy path to weight gain.

“Most cookies are made with refined flour and sugar, both of which result in an increase in blood sugar. This subsequently causes an increase in insulin which is a fat-storing hormone,” explains Elise Harlow, MS, RD.


Avoid repeat servings of pie. 

“While one slice here and there is unlikely causing you to gain weight, having too much of these sweet treats will show over time,” says Doebrich. If you do opt to indulge, “Try to choose pies with minimal added sugar.” 


These dishes typically come loaded with calories and fat.

“In general, as we approach the colder months, people tend to crave more comforting foods such as mac and cheese and cheesy casseroles,” says Doebrich. “Combined with reduced physical activity during the winter months, it is not surprising that a few pounds are expected to be gained.”


Make latkes an occasional treat since they are deep-fried and therefore quite fattening.

“Try to reduce the intake of those foods and opt for healthy choices like baked potatoes instead,” says Doebrich.

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