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5 of the best free workout video options on the internet

The internet is full of free workout videos (as well as plenty you pay for), but which are among the very best? Review five of the coolest online workouts to boost your weight loss and help Phentermine 37.5 mg work as effectively as possible.

Fitness Blender

Choose from endless workout videos on Fitness Blender, none of which require equipment. The brainchild of husband and wife fitness experts, this online resource provides HIIT, kickboxing, strength training, and everything else you can think of to help you burn fat and look your best.

Turbulence Training

This workout channel on YouTube is all about bodyweight exercises. If you are a fan of such exercises or simply want to try something new, it is for you. And since the instructional videos are usually short at less than 10 minutes each, you can easily create a custom workout regimen that gets results fast.

Do Yoga With Me

Love yoga or want to try it for the first time? Do Yoga With Me is your solution. Subscribe to unlock content that works every part of the body. What’s more, these classes are filmed against stunning backdrops in Canada, including those in British Columbia. And don’t worry if you are completely new to yoga, as the instructors provide all the details you need to move from pose to pose.

Make Your Body Work

Make Your Body Work is another great site featuring videos that “challenge every part of the body.” Choose from several difficulty levels so you can challenge yourself with each new workout. You’ll avoid dreaded workout plateaus to see the results you want quickly.

Spark People

Cardio, yoga, abs, and pilates are among the many workout categories at Spark People. Select from 10 to 12-minute routines that once again allow you to easily craft your perfect exercise regimen.
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