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5 of the best beverages for a lean physique

What you drink is just as important as what you eat for fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg. To help you get the most from the miracle diet pill, there are certain beverages you should drink every day if you can. Review top picks below. 


Too many people confuse thirst for hunger. By staying hydrated, you avoid eating more than necessary. Water also curbs hunger pangs, helps you feel full, and cleanses fat cells from the body. If you don’t like plain water, add healthy “flavors,” such as assorted berries. 

Herbal Tea

These teas are typically caffeine-free, with the exception of green tea that has shown to help with weight loss when consumed in large amounts. If you want to swap coffee beverages with lots of syrup and whipped cream for tea, consider green tea, white tea, or other herbal varieties you enjoy. 

Black Coffee

If you simply cannot give up your coffee habit, try switching to black coffee. The caffeinated beverage by itself is not a calorie bomb–it is the additives that make it bad for weight loss efforts. Black coffee is free of calories, sugar, and fat. 


Seltzer water is another option for people who dislike plain water. It comes in fruit flavors and does not contain any calories or sugar. Seltzer is also the ideal cocktail additive, since it is calorie- and sugar-free, and helps you stay hydrated and avoid hangovers. Alcoholic beverages are dehydrating, among other issues. 


Making smoothies at home supports fast weight loss efforts because you are in complete control of what goes in them. Fruit, almond or hemp milk for protein, and leafy greens all help you lose weight, because you’ll feel full and therefore be less likely to snack. 

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