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5 odd weight loss tricks that actually work

Losing weight gets easier when you combine a healthy diet and exercise regimen with Phentermine 37.5mg. It also becomes easier when you know the right tricks to sticking to your schedule. Review some of the more unusual tips that promote fast weight loss to help your efforts last.

Eat A Bigger Breakfast

Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day over lunch and dinner. Studies have found those who consume the majority of their calories in the morning lose more weight than those who wait later in the day and are therefore less active.

Take Pictures Of Your Food

Snap photos of your food instead of writing what you eat down in a journal. The added visual makes it easy to control your portions because that extra cheese or serving of simple carbohydrates is staring you in the face.

Make Soup A Pre-Dinner Staple

Swap salad for soup to help yourself lose weight. Studies show consuming soup helps with weight loss, particularly if it is a thick, filling version that makes it easier to eat less of the main course. People who eat soup before dinner also report feeling satiated instead of still hungry when the meal is over.

Enjoy Thicker Smoothies

Make your smoothies extra thick to trick your brain into thinking you’re fuller than you are. Even if the smoothie isn’t particularly calorie-dense, the “phantom fullness” effect will keep you from indulging.

Sleep In A Dark Room

Avoid going to bed with the television on or having any other light source present as you shut your eyes. Sleeping in darker rooms has shown to promote weight loss because the metabolism isn’t getting interrupted by flickering lights. Use a sleep mask if you have to to ensure total darkness.

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