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5 More Tips For Eating Bread Without Gaining Weight

Bread doesn’t have to be an enemy of your Phentermine 37.5 mg-inspired weight loss journey. Use these tips to enjoy the popular food without doing serious damage to your waistline or your overall health.

Bake Bread With Coconut Flour

If baking bread is one of your favorite pastimes, replace white flour with coconut flour. White flour is one of the biggest weight loss enemies since it is a simple carbohydrate. Coconut flour has fewer calories and 11 times more fiber. Also try darker flour for more antioxidants, such as buckwheat or amaranth.

Purchase Bread Made With Nuts & Seeds

Look for bread featuring nuts and seeds, as such options are more filling and feature a lower glycemic index to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes. Always purchase these and other breads at bakeries and farmers markets instead of grocery stores to avoid consuming preservatives.

Scoop Out Your Bagels

Remove the “filling” from your bagel and replace it with ingredients such as smoked salmon, onion, and tomato. You’ll save serious calories and enjoy a satiating snack.

Take Time To Chew

View bread as an indulgence. Make a point of savoring each bite, as eating slowly gives you body time to recognize it’s full. Eating too quickly tricks the body into thinking it is still hungry. Also make a point of saying no to bread basket refills at restaurants.

Don’t Order Grilled Cheese

Avoid ordering grilled cheese when out to eat since the bread comes loaded with extra butter and oil. Additionally, many restaurant grilled cheeses come with American cheese, which is actually a highly-processed cheese product instead of the real thing. If you can’t live without the comfort food staple, make it at home using cheddar cheese and limited butter.

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