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5 more habits that help you maintain your goal weight

Once you achieve your ideal weight with Phentermine 37.5mg, it’s time to maintain it with healthy lifestyle choices. Get more help maintaining your weight with these simple yet effective habits.

Eat Without the TV

Make a point of eating without watching television. Doing so helps you focus on your food to avoid consuming excess calories. Listen to yourself chew and swallow, and make certain to really chew every bite. You will recognize that you are full, something fast eating does not provide.

Use Your Phone to Set Reminders

While too much screen time can have numerous detrimental effects, including reduced physical activity, it can also serve as a weight loss tool. Use your phone to create reminders for yourself, such as daily calorie count and exercise reminders. You may eventually find you don’t need them, but they can help get you into a routine.

Organize Your Refrigerator

Rearrange and organize your fridge so you know what you have available. Put produce, pre-made meals with whole ingredients, and other healthy fare in the front so it’s easily accessible and reminds you to make healthy choices.

Portion Snacks

Get in the habit of portioning snacks instead of eating directly from the bag or other container. Knowing exactly how much you’re consuming prevents unnecessary calorie consumption to help you stay on track each day.

Make Produce Visible

Keeping cookies and other unhealthy snacks on your kitchen counters is a path to weight gain; however, other foods encourage smart eating. A beautiful bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter not only adds to the room’s aesthetic, it helps you stick to whole food choices when you’re leaving the house or just want a snack.
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