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5 more flat belly grocery store hacks

Your grocery shopping habits have everything to do with your weight loss efforts. Review five more shopping hacks that, along with Phentermine pills, help you achieve a washboard stomach.

Make Fiber-Conscious Swaps

Forget your standard go-to items in favor of their higher-fiber counterparts. Look for high fiber versions of bread, tortillas, and cereal. There’s also plenty of vegetables with excellent fiber content, such as root veggies. Since fiber helps you feel satiated, it contributes to a flat, toned stomach.

Be Careful About Peanut Butter Selections

Don’t pick up any old jar of peanut butter because it costs less. Some peanut butter is actually “peanut butter spread” that’s loaded with oil and sugar. Read the labels on peanut butter jars and all other packaged food so you are not unwittingly ingesting sugar, oil, sodium, and bad fat.

Choose Smaller Bags of Favorite Greens

Pick favorite greens, such as spinach, kale, or red lettuce, and buy them in smaller packages. Buying a large bag risks throwing much of the green stuff away. Smaller bags make it more likely that you’ll consume the food throughout the week. Greens also help burn belly fat, with kale ranking high among belly fat-burning foods.

Purchase Ripe Bananas

Add a few ripe bananas to your shopping cart along with their greener counterparts. Peel the ripe ones and freeze them for easy additions to smoothies throughout the week. Making healthy choices for fast weight loss becomes much simpler when there’s prepped food to select from.

Visit the Health Food Aisle

Check out the health food section of your grocery store for options such as sprouted grain bread, rolled or steel-cut oats, and whole grain cereals. You might end up discovering a few items that become kitchen staples in your house.

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