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5 low-calorie alcoholic drinks to help you lose weight

Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts is not good for the waistline or overall health; however, there is hope if you love a drink or two every so often. Review five low-calorie alcoholic beverages that won’t count against you too much during your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Vodka Soda With Lemon

Unlike many vodka-based drinks that feature lots of sugary additives, this option features only 96 calories. Opt for soda water or seltzer over tonic water to save yourself an extra 80 calories. Soda water also helps you stay hydrated since alcohol is naturally very dehydrating.

Light Beer

Light beers usually contain about 50 calories in comparison to normal bottles, cans, and pints of suds. The lighter the beer, the less calories it typically contains–so avoid lagers and stouts as much as possible to keep your caloric intake where you want it.

Tequila With Fresh Lime Juice

Unlike margaritas that can feature up to 400 calories, this option features under 200 calories because it blends the liquor with fresh juice instead of syrup or a sugary mix. The lack of additives also gives it a fresher flavor.

Light Bloody Mary

Making a Bloody Mary yourself instead of using a packaged mix saves you several hundred calories. Those made with 1 ounce of vodka, dash of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces, and a small amount of fresh tomato juice keep this classic drink under 100 calories. Use celery as a garnish instead of bacon or a high number of olives to keep the drink in the reasonable calorie range.


The popular wine is a low-calorie option so long as you order one that isn’t excessively sweet. Desert roses are particularly high in sugar, especially if they contain more alcohol by volume. The higher the alcohol number, the more calories a beverage contains.
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