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5 kitchen hacks for fast weight loss

Your kitchen can either be your weight loss haven…or that tempting room you want to avoid at all times. Prevent the latter issue by organizing your kitchen with quick weight loss in mind. The more you organize, the more you help Phentermine pills do what they do best.

Keep Several Cutting Boards Handy

Remembering to cut up fresh fruit and vegetables gets a lot easier when you have plenty of cutting boards within reach. Choose board colors you really like to make chopping and dicing as fun as possible.

Purchase Multi-Use Appliances

Just because you want to cook healthy meals doesn’t mean you have to bog down your kitchen in appliances. Look for multi-use ones such as three-in-one cookers that pressure cooks, slow cooks, and browns. You’ll save time and counter space.

Use Mason Jars

Clear the clutter from bags and boxes with attractive mason jars. Place them in your pantry or whatever other space is available so you can easily find what you need instead of forgetting about that bag of rice in the back of your cabinet. Mason jars also let you know how much of what ingredients you have left.

Organize Your Refrigerator

Stock healthy items in your refrigerator and keep them in containers you can easily grab what you need. Portioned containers filled with roasted veggies, salads, and sliced produce all make it easy to cook a healthy meal or enjoy a nutritious snack. Add a pitcher of water with cucumber or lime for extra health benefits.

Write Out Weekly Menus

Plan your menu each week and tack it to a bulletin board or your fridge so you always know what you are preparing. A little meal planning goes a long way in terms of weight loss because it makes it hard to cheat and order pizza!
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