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5 issues that hurt your morning workout

There is plenty of evidence supporting morning workouts, and if you love to exercise in the A.M., ensure you are doing everything you can to get more from your sweat sessions. The following issues may be injuring your morning workout routine, and therefore your Phentermine weight loss regimen:

Not Enough Sleep

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night is vital to your morning workout as well as your overall health. Sufficient sleep lets your body recover from your last workout so you awake fresh and ready to go running or to your A.M. exercise class.

Eating Too Late

Eating too late at night almost guarantees a GI problem the next morning while you are working out. Avoid this issue by enjoying easily-digestible dinners at least three hours before you go to bed, if not more. Whole foods are best, such as a grain and veggie dish.

Hitting The Snooze

Hitting your snooze button over and over can easily make you say “Nevermind” about exercising because you will be late for work or anything else you are doing that day. Set several alarms if you have trouble waking up in the morning to combat this problem.

Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a big weight loss no-no, as it does not give your metabolism the jump-start it needs to burn calories all day long. Exercising without eating can also cause your blood sugar level to drop. Even if your meal is light, it is still better than eating nothing at all.

Getting Ready

Trying to gather everything you need for your workout and the rest of the day in the morning is another way to seriously slow yourself down…and exercise less. Get what you need the night before so you can jump up and run out the door.

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