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5 high-protein foods to add to your diet for weight loss

If you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss plan and are currently making over your diet, there is a wonderful variety of high-protein foods to help you accomplish your goal faster. Protein helps burn belly fat and overall weight loss so long as you consume the daily recommendation, such as 60 grams per day for a 160-pound woman.

Review five high-protein foods to start incorporating into your diet now.


Featuring three grams of protein per cup and only 27 calories per cup, asparagus is a welcome diet addition. The green veggie works any number of ways as a healthy side in addition to making a great topping on pizza. It even does well in sushi!


Oatmeal not only keeps you full until lunch thanks to satiating fiber, it contains 6 grams of protein per cup to help shrink your waistline. Add healthy toppings such as cinnamon or assorted berries to gain even more health benefits. If you have to pour milk over your oats, stick to low-fat almond or rice versions.

Black Beans

The favorite bean contains a whopping 16 grams of protein per cup. Add it to homemade veggie burgers, tacos and other Mexican-style dishes, or simply serve it up as a side. Beans are a wonderful protein source and black beans are among the very best.


Corn is another high protein winner at 16 grams per cup. It is also extremely versatile, whether you enjoy it on the cob, as a stand-alone side, or in assorted dishes. Corn makes a great casserole addition, especially when it’s paired with other high-protein ingredients such as brown rice and beans.


Spinach features 1 gram of protein per cup as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals. Eat it raw for the most nutritional benefits.
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