There are plenty of snacks that seem healthier than chips and cookies, but are actually detrimental to weight loss and overall health. Review five of the worst offenders here to help revamp your diet now that you’re taking Phentermine 37.5mg.

Fruit Bars

These snack bars might be a little healthier than their artificial counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they will help with weight loss. All-fruit bars are typically high in sugar and low in fiber so you’re left feeling hungry about 30 minutes after consuming them. Granola bars are no better, as they are essentially the same as candy bars.

Pita Chips

The whole wheat versions of pita chips offer a healthy snack when you eat them with homemade hummus, but the white ones? They contain no fiber whatsoever so you feel hungry instead of satiated.

Paleo Cookies

Cookies with the “paleo” or “vegan” label can seem like attractive alternatives, but in reality they’re just as bad. Vegan cookies are often high in sugar and refined carbs, while paleo versions feature too much saturated fat from butter or eggs.

Commercial Trail Mix

While DIY trail mix is a healthy snack option, the commercial version has been likened to candy. It often comes loaded with M&Ms and sugary dried fruit that makes it anything but nutritious. Look for weight loss-conscious trail mix recipes online instead of relying on storebought versions.

Yogurt or Chocolate-Covered Nuts

Sure, nuts contain protein and healthy fat, but coating them with yogurt or chocolate seriously increases their sugar content. Stick to raw nuts such as walnuts and almonds for a dose of healthy fat that keeps you feeling full, which makes it easier to say no to sugar.

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