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5 halloween-themed weight loss tips

Halloween is arguably the unofficial start to the holiday season, and one laden with sugary temptations. Whether previous Halloweens were spent binging or you simply want to watch what you consume during this spook-tacular holiday, keep these weight loss tips in mind. All will help you stay on your Phentermine 37.5mg-themed plan.

Choose Candy You Don’t Like

Provide trick-or-treaters with candy you don’t particularly enjoy to limit temptation as much as possible. It’s easy to indulge in leftover candy when it’s chocolate and other sweet goodies you have trouble resisting.

Tell The Kids To Keep Their Candy In Their Rooms

Further, avoid late-night temptations by asking your children to keep their candy in their rooms. While you aren’t going to eat a “bunch” of their candy regardless, it’s easy to sneak a piece here and there when it’s sitting in plain sight in the living room.

Eat A Filling Meal

Prepare for Halloween night by consuming a satiating meal that’s high in protein and fiber. You’ll have a much better time distinguishing actual hunger from cravings when you’re full. Additionally, you may not want to eat at all because your meal was so satisfying.

Limit The Alcohol

Keep the libations to a minimum on Halloween night and at assorted costume parties. Not only does alcohol feature empty calories, it lowers inhibitions to make grabbing candy out of treat bowls more likely. Drink plenty of water instead to stay full and avoid confusing thirst with hunger. If you do have a drink or two, water will dilute it so you feel less intoxicated.

Remember It’s Okay To Indulge

Don’t deprive yourself of a favorite piece of candy because you’re on a quick weight loss diet. Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, after all, and there’s nothing wrong with rewarding your diet efforts with a “fun size” piece of candy. As long as don’t eat five or more “fun size” pieces, you’ll be fine.

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