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5 Grocery Shopping Mistakes That Lead to Weight Gain

Going grocery shopping can help your weight loss efforts…or hinder them. Review some of the worst grocery store excursion mistakes you need to know about to help Phentermine 37.5mg work as effectively as possible.

Shopping While Hungry

Shopping when you’re feeling hungry can make you want to “acquire more,” such as assorted junk foods. Rather than shopping on an empty stomach, enjoy a healthy snack before visiting the local grocery. You’re less likely to return home with ice cream, chips, and other sugary and salty snacks.

Shopping Without a List

A shopping list gives you something to stick to so you don’t feel tempted by different, unhealthy snacks. Studies show those who shop with lists are more likely to make healthy choices. While everyone shops “on the fly” sometimes, it’s important to not make it a habit. Keep a general grocery list on hand to encourage healthy shopping.

Shopping While Distracted

If you are distracted in any way while grocery shopping, such as talking to a friend on the phone, it becomes easier to make mindless choices or find yourself dazzled by processed fare. Studies indicate junk foods become more “eye-catching” when you’re not paying close attention.

Shopping Without Reading Labels

Reading the labels of every packaged food you put in your cart makes a big difference. Many “natural,” “low sugar,” “organic,” and “low fat” foods contain artificial sweeteners and other harmful additives that contribute to weight gain, not weight loss.

Shopping For Items on Sale

Junk food is reportedly twice as likely to be on sale. While it’s important to look for sale items and therefore save money, it’s equally important to ensure your chosen items offer health benefits. Again, read the labels before making decisions.
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