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5 Fruits To Eat Daily When You’re On A Weight Loss Program

The human body needs four servings of fruit a day to enjoy better health. But did you know some fruits help promote weight loss? Learn about some of the best fruits for weight loss here and add them to your Phentermine pill-inspired diet plan.


Rich in flavonoids, or types of powerful antioxidants, blueberries help combat free radicals among other health benefits. Anthocyanins are among the flavonoids in blueberries that are linked to weight loss, partially because they help you feel full. Fiber content also contributes to that full feeling that keeps the pounds off. Enjoy blueberries by themselves, on oatmeal, or in other associated dishes.


The flavonoid and fiber content in pears makes them a wonderful addition to any weight loss regimen. Polymers (types of flavonoids) especially help with weight loss according to research. Eat the skin of pears to gain the most benefits since it’s where the majority of nutrients are found.


Like blueberries, strawberries are high in anthocyanins to boost weight loss efforts. Try eating one cup of the red fruit each day, such as over the aforementioned oatmeal or yogurt. Strawberries also make an excellent stand-alone snack.


Despite their reputation as a vegetable, peppers are actually a fruit. Hot peppers help with weight loss thanks to their capsaicin content, or the compound that gives the food its spice. Capsaicin helps white fat cells turn into energy-burning brown fat cells. Enjoy peppers on salads and in stir-frys among other dishes.


The polymer and fiber content in apples makes them another excellent addition to your diet plan. Consume them with the skin to gain the most benefits, including better blood sugar control. Fewer blood sugar spikes reduces cravings to keep your from binging.
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