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5 foods to help you lose your gut

While processed foods full of sugar and bad fat add to the waistline, there are plenty of foods that help banish the dreaded gut. If you recently began taking Phentermine 37.5mg and want to lose stubborn belly fat, use these food recommendations to get started. Phentermine does its best work when it is complemented with a healthy diet and exercise routine.


One of the best kinds of healthy fat on the planet, avocados contain monounsaturated fat that helps prevent belly fat accumulation and keeps you feeling full. For example, avocado toast for breakfast avoids mid-morning hunger pangs so you stay satiated until lunch.

Black Beans

Healthy gut bacteria needs nutrients to thrive, such as black beans. The beans provide an excellent source of soluble fiber, which gut bacteria turns into butyrate. This chemical has shown to increase calorie burning abilities in mice.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain carotenoids or antioxidants that lower insulin resistance so your body doesn’t turn calories into belly fat. They also stabilize blood sugar.


Oats feature beta-glucans, a rare type of soluble fiber that turns to gel in the small intestine to increase satiety so you feel fuller for longer. Oatmeal also regulates blood glucose levels, lowers blood cholesterol, and improves immune system function. It is one of the best breakfast foods you can consume, especially when you top it with fruit or spices such as cinnamon.


This protein source contains six grams of protein and 78 calories each to help you burn belly fat. Muscles require protein to function at optimal levels, and take fat cells from the abdomen to use as energy. Eating more protein subsequently helps you obtain the flat stomach you want.

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