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5 fad diets to avoid

When you take Phentermine pills as prescribed, make healthy food choices, and exercise regularly, there is no need to try fad diets. These diets may help you lose weight temporarily, but they are not lasting solutions because they are so nutrient-restrictive. Additionally, the deprivation they involve makes binging much more likely. Avoid these five fad diets for fast weight loss that lasts.

Zero-Sugar Diets

Many celebs swear by cutting out every last smidge of sugar. They ban even a gram of the sweet stuff in order to achieve their beach bodies. Sherri Shepherd favors this approach,” Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian told Prevention.

By cutting out natural sugars in fruit and vegetables, you are eliminating vital nutrients from your diet.

Blood Type Diet

Diets based on blood type? It might sound healthy as some blood types are at higher risk of certain diseases, but there is no actual evidence this diet has anything to do with weight loss or improving health.

Juice Cleanses

While cleansing the colon and other organs removes toxins and other impurities, do not use juice cleanses as a path to quick weight loss. Those involving the colon can actually cause dehydration because you lose so much water. And while less water weight means less bloat, this diet does not burn fat.


Similar to juice cleanses, “teatoxes” promise flat stomachs and trim waistlines. Again, all you are losing is water weight. You could also deal with serious diarrhea because of these teas’ laxative effects.

Plant Paradox

Lectins are a type of protein found in wheat, nuts, beans, and potatoes. Eliminating these foods from your diet to lose weight means you are not consuming as much healthy fat among other nutrients. Unless you have issues digesting lectins, do not remove them from your diet.
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