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5 easy ways to cut calories

Help yourself lose weight with five easy ways to cut calories. All of the following suggestions are ideal if you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen or are otherwise trying to shed unwanted pounds.

Drink Plain Coffee Or Tea

Keep the cream, sugar, milk, and other “extras” out of your tea or coffee cup. Research indicates people who drink their coffee or tea plain consume 69 fewer calories per day than those who don’t.

Consume More Fiber During Breakfast

Feel satiated until lunchtime by enjoying a high-fiber breakfast. For example, try oatmeal in the morning instead of a sugary cereal. Your body will spend the morning digesting the fiber so you will not feel the need to eat donuts or bagels with cream cheese at 10 or 11am.

Go For Carbonated Water Instead Of Soda

Give up soda in favor of carbonated water. Soda is full of empty calories and sugar, and is one of the worst beverages you can consume in terms of weight loss and overall health. Add fruit to the water if you want to sweeten it.

Avoid Calorie-Heavy Salad Toppings

Eat salad without turning it into a calorie bomb. Croutons, cheese, dried fruit, and bacon are all high in calories, so stick to veggies and fruit. Add nuts and seeds for extra crunch, but measure your portions to sidestep eating too much fat.

Cook At Home

Save dinners out and takeout for special occasions. Cooking at home five or six days a week saves as many as 150 calories per day. Restaurant food is notoriously high in fat, sugar, and sodium, and does very little for your waistline.

Additional tips include eating at the dinner table instead of in front of the television, cutting back on cooking oil, and consuming more protein throughout the day.

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