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5 easy ways to burn 100 calories

Burning more calories than you consume is one of the most important keys to lasting weight loss. Luckily there are many ways to burn more calories every day. Review several options here that burn 100 calories at a time and subsequently assist your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts.

Clean Your House

Dust, sweep, vacuum, mop…cleaning your house for 25 minutes burns 100 calories. It also means enjoying a cleaner, healthier home with less air-polluting dust and dirt. Aim to clean for at least an hour to burn over 200 calories.

Sing During Your Commute

Sing when commuting to work or any other time you’re in your car. A little belting to favorite tunes burns 100 calories if you do it for 40 minutes. Consider making a compilation of your best-loved songs to sing continuously for the recommended time length.

Cook at Home

Take 30 minutes to cook dinner instead of ordering in or going out to eat. Doing so burns 100 calories while also helping you eat healthier. Restaurant food is almost always higher in bad fat, sugar, and salt.

Enjoy Dance Parties

Put on dance-eable songs and get moving for a minimum of 17 minutes to burn 100 calories. Dancing is a fantastic low-impact form of exercise that strengthens muscles in addition to burning calories. Focus on shaking your hips and twisting your waist to burn belly fat; add some jumps to blast even more fat on your midsection.

Go Skiing

Strap on your skis and head down a hill that’s manageable for you, even if it’s the bunny hill. Skiing for a mere 11 minutes torches 100 calories. A day of skiing and you’ll get a wonderful workout in.

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