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5 Diet Tricks For Halloween

Halloween offers plenty of spook-tacular fun. It’s also the first fall event that triggers holiday weight gain. Help yourself stay slim this Halloween by putting the following hacks into practice.

Buy Candy You Don’t Like

Avoid temptation this Halloween by sticking to candy you don’t like. Instead of getting lured by your favorite sweet treats, opt for those you have never enjoyed, such as hard or sour candy. If you still want to give out chocolate or other beloved candy, buy it the day before Halloween. Not only will you eat less, you’ll probably enjoy some good discounts.

Keep Your Eating Protein Normal

Avoid eating too much candy on Halloween by sticking to your normal eating schedule. Enjoy three square meals, each of which should contain protein and fiber. These nutrients help you feel full so you aren’t hungry when you’re handing out candy and more likely to grab a treat here and there.

Take the Kids Out

Burn calories on Halloween by taking the children out to trick-or-treat in their costumes. Walking around your neighborhood for an hour or more makes a wonderful contribution to your daily exercise routine. When you get home, enjoy a healthy snack such as hummus and veggies so you don’t instantly go for candy.

Read the Nutrition Labels

Don’t get sucked in by the “fun size” labeling on candy. Read the nutrition labels on the bags to avoid accidentally eating more than you should. Reviewing calorie content provides a serious reality shock that makes it easy to turn down fun size treats.

Drink Water

Curb your hunger by sipping water throughout Halloween day and night. Noshing due to thirst is a common problem because people mistake thirst for hunger. Ensure you’re hydrated so you don’t think you’re hungry when you aren’t.
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