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5 diet-friendly foods that eliminate hunger

When your stomach is empty or believes it is, it secretes ghrelin, the hunger hormone. And while some foods do nothing to quell this hormone, such as simple carbohydrates, others close the floodgate to help you on your weight loss journey. If you recently started taking Phentermine pills and want to find more foods that stop hunger for hours, keep these nutritious options in mind.


Oatmeal remains a staple breakfast food for a reason. It provides an excellent source of insoluble fiber that helps lower ghrelin levels so you stay satiated for hours. Oats also cause your gut to produce butyrate, a type of fatty acid that reduces bodily inflammation.


Artichokes contain twice as much fiber as kale to regulate ghrelin levels and help you feel fuller for longer. The vegetable also contains high amounts of prebiotic inulin, which contributes to good gut bacteria health.


Starting the day with protein is an easy way to avoid mid-morning hunger pangs, something eggs readily help with. A staple diet food, egg yolks are also full of choline, a powerful fat-burning nutrient.


The shellfish provides an excellent source of zinc, the mineral that works in conjunction with leptin to keep hunger from interrupting your day. Oysters are also a source of protein.

Boiled Potatoes

While potatoes have long been chastised as a simple carb, they are still a nutritious vegetable that can help with fast weight loss depending on how they are prepared. Boiling potatoes and cooling them in your fridge for salad use causes the tubers to crystalize into resistant starch, which takes the body longer to break down so you don’t get hungry 20 minutes later.

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