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4 workout mistakes you didn’t know you were making

Exercise is key to fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg and overall health; however, you could unintentionally make mistakes that hinder your process.

Review common mistakes to help yourself work out smarter and see results faster. 

Being Too Enthusiastic

While it’s important to love your chosen workouts, you could be overdoing it. 

“Deciding to push yourself hard and fast from the getgo increases the chances of overuse tendonitis, which can be a reason or excuse to stop going to the gym,” says Dr. Derek Ochiai, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. 

Cramming” Workouts In

Working out when you don’t have the time isn’t the best idea. 

“Everyone is busy, but don’t try to cram in extra weight or intensity if you’re pressed for time.” explains Dr. Ochiai, who recommends warming up with biking or walking before getting into your workout to avoid injuries. 

Not Giving Yourself Enough Credit

Weight loss is a journey, not something that happens overnight.

“People often get discouraged when starting an exercise routine, because they didn’t immediately drop a dress size or 10 pounds,” says Dr. Ochiai. “Exercise has many benefits, including better sleep and better concentration and an overall feeling of well-being. Remember to look for these changes for positive reinforcement initially.”

Lack of Belief

Believing in your end goal is a key to your particular weight loss puzzle. Don’t get discouraged–keep at it and remember that your patience will pay off. You’ll stress less about losing weight as well. 

“Going back to [working out] after a lengthy time off requires the person to build back up to his/her previous fitness level, and not just take it up where they left off,” says Dr. Ochiai. 

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