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4 weird weight loss tricks that actually work

There are plenty of activities that contribute to weight loss, including those that seem a bit odd. Adding them to your fast weight loss regimen with Phentermine 37.5mg helps you burn even more calories and reach your goal size that much faster. Get inspired by the following weird weight loss tricks. 

Jog” For Your Junk Mail

Junk mail is typically regarded as clutter, but it can be used as a weight loss tool. For every piece of junk mail in your mailbox, run around your house or the block. You can also go up and down a flight of stairs in your home. This goofy trick helps you burn between 35 and 140 calories, depending on how much junk mail you receive on a given day. 

Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal

For many people, dinner is their biggest meal of the day. Unfortunately, it’s also the meal you are the least likely to burn off. Making breakfast your biggest meal keeps you satiated well into lunchtime, helps you avoid poor food choices, and gets burned off long before the day’s end. Eating a big breakfast instead of a big dinner consistently can help you lose nearly 20 pounds in a year. 

Hang a Mirror in the Kitchen or Dining Room

Catching yourself in the mirror while you eat makes overconsumption less likely. It provides a reminder that you want to lose weight and subsequently do not need that second large helping or dessert. 

Make Thick Smoothies

The thicker the smoothie, the longer it takes to consume and the fuller you will feel. This is known as “phantom fullness,” because the beverage is not higher in calories. However, tricking yourself this way makes choosing high-calorie foods less likely, because you’re already satiated. 

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