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4 Weight Loss-Related Reasons To Swear Off Diet Soda

Diet soda was once hailed as the “weight loss-friendly” drink for those who love sweetened beverages. Its health benefits have long since been questioned, with new evidence calling for banishment from refrigerators everywhere. Here, learn why diet soda should not be part of your Phentermine 37.5mg quick weight loss regimen.

It Can Cause Addiction–Literally

People who drink diet soda often guzzle more than one per day.

“The artificial sweeteners can cause a physical addiction and for some much more than others,” Naomi Whittel, a certified nutritional consultant, told Eat This, Not That! “Caffeine might be a piece of that for some, but the sweet taste definitely keeps us coming back for more.”

It Can Make You Crave Sweets

Since diet soda is significantly sweeter than its regular counterpart, it can trick the body into craving more sugar.

“When your body gets that much sweetness all at once, it may begin to crave even more sweet—which leads to consuming more and more sodas or unhealthy foods,” says Jenna A. Werner, RD.

It May Upset Your Metabolism

Diet soda is no friend to your metabolism.

“The chemicals that are used to sweeten diet soda are not natural substances to the body and aren’t put to good use. Once inside the body, they can cause inflammation and place pressure on the body’s detoxification system. As a result, they may increase the risk of metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and diabetes,” Whittel says.

It Can Dehydrate You

Water helps curb cravings in addition to promoting an overall healthy body.

“Soda drinkers tend to choose soda over water, which can lead to potential dehydration. If you’re drinking more soda than water, your body may not be getting the hydration it needs,” Werner says.

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