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4 weight loss myths health experts want you to ignore

While there are plenty of great weight loss tips floating around, there are just as many myths that can interfere with plans for shedding pounds. Take a moment to learn about these myths to make changes to your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen as needed.

Eating After 7pm Is Bad”

Consuming cookies or donuts at 11pm isn’t going to help you lose weight; however, it is still important to eat dinner even if is after 7pm. Everyone needs to consume a certain number of calories every day, and falling below your recommended average will not help you lose weight. Instead, the body conserves fat because it is in “starvation mode.” So if you didn’t eat dinner, go ahead and find something healthy.

If I Exercise, I Don’t Need To Watch What I Eat”

Exercising a lot will not make up for a poor diet.

“In reality, it’s more like 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise,” Susan Fink, a personal trainer in Los Angeles, said.

Whole foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean animal and plant protein sources are your best options for lasting weight loss.

Limiting Carbs Helps Burn Fat”

You aren’t necessarily losing fat on a low-carb diet. =

“The glycogen in the liver holds water, and this is what you’re actually losing,” said Shira Hirshberg, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Rhode Island.

Make a point of consuming complex rather than simple carbs to stay healthy and lose weight.

Fruit Contributes To Weight Gain”

Yes, fruit contains sugar, but it is fructose, or natural sugar that does not harm the body the way its refined counterpart does. Fruit also contains fiber to help you feel fuller for longer…and enjoy fast weight loss.

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