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4 Weight Loss-Minded Tips For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon once again, and with it all the trimmings that derail weight loss efforts. If you recently began taking Phentermine 37.5mg and want to enjoy Thanksgiving without doing too much “damage,” use this guide to make healthy decisions on Turkey Day.

Work Out in the Morning

Go for a run at dawn, build on your current strength training regimen, work the abs and arms, or do anything else that gets the blood pumping. Working out in the morning offers many fantastic benefits, including the likelihood of making healthy choices the rest of the day. It also means burning calories and therefore aiding your metabolism.

Eat a Fiber and Protein-Rich Breakfast

Focus on fiber and protein after your A.M. workout instead of saving calories for later. By eating foods high in fiber and protein as well as healthy fat, you won’t be as tempted to eat a bunch of carb-heavy appetizers or imbibe and subsequently make poor food choices because you’re intoxicated.

Keep Moving Throughout the Day

Burn calories as you consume them by staying active throughout Thanksgiving Day. Play touch football in the backyard with your cousins, have fun chasing the kids around, take the dog for a walk and encourage family members to come with you, etc. Remaining active helps you stay focused on something other than food to avoid overeating issues.

Go Slow With Alcohol

As previously mentioned, alcohol increases the chances of making poor food decisions. Vino, spirits, and beer also slow the metabolism because the liver works overtime to rid the body of “toxins.” Rather than gaining a pound or two on Thanksgiving because of a sluggish metabolism, limit the alcohol. If you must drink, stick to low-calorie options such as hard liquor over ice.

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