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4 weight loss-friendly foods to eat at buffets

Buffets frequently feature plenty of foods that can hinder your weight loss efforts, including dessert bars and other carb-heavy fare. If you have a buffet dinner coming up, keep the following foods in mind so you do not derail your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled efforts or feel guilty after the event is over. There are plenty of healthy options available.

Made-To-Order Omelets

Enjoy a significant serving of vegetables and protein with the buffet’s made-to-order omelet options. Go easy on the cheese and ham, and instead add lots of veggies such as peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes. Add mushrooms as well for a filling meal that will keep you satiated for hours.

Leafy Greens

There’s almost always a salad option at a buffet, so stock your plate with lots of dark, leafy greens. Spinach and spring mixes offer the most nutrients, just remember to forgo the dressing or get it on the side to keep the salad as healthy as possible. Add some nuts and seeds to the salad instead if you want toppings.

Raw Vegetables

Load up on raw vegetables at the buffet, either on top of your salad or as stand-alone sides. Try to cover at least ¾ of your plate with veggies such as green beans, garlic broccoli, and Buddha’s delight so you don’t eat too many noodles or fried foods. Vegetables fill you up without the extra calories, making them a healthy addition to any buffet meal.

Homemade Bread

Some buffets come with homemade, whole wheat or five-grain breads you may not find elsewhere. As long as you stick to such options over white flour rolls, you will not throw off your diet. Bread can also help settle your stomach, but ensure it is whole wheat and not toasted white bread first!
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