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4 ways your home contributes to weight gain

No one likes to think of their home as a reason for weight gain, but residential spaces can pack on the pounds in numerous ways. If you recently started taking Phentermine pills for fast weight loss, a diet-conscious home makeover helps tremendously. Below are ways your home contributes to weight gain instead of weight loss, to help your makeover efforts. 

Incorrectly-Sized Flatware

Flatware in the “family size” or “family style” category does nothing for weight loss. What it does do is make the chances of overeating highly likely. Research shows that larger flatware means larger portions, so re-evaluate your dishes to see what literally requires downsizing. 

Large Coffee Pot

Too much caffeine results in both insulin resistance and excess fat storage, which hinders fast weight loss efforts. If your kitchen features an excessively-large coffee pot, it’s time to look for a smaller version that helps you regulate your intake. 

Out-Of-Sight Healthy Food

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is true for a reason! If you do not have any healthy options in your line of sight, such as a big bowl filled with colorful fruit, you are less likely to nosh on diet-friendly fare. Rather than forgetting about all the healthy food you have, keep what you can on kitchen counters and others in the front of your fridge. 

Snack-Heavy Pantry

Just like out-of-sight healthy food, in-your-sight sugary and fatty snacks do nothing for weight loss. Cookies, candy, chips, and other such foods easily derail diets, so keep them out of your home as much as possible. As a result, the urge to indulge decreases. 

Super-Comfortable Living Room

Coming home and relaxing on the couch after a long day’s work should not be at the expense of your waistline. Think about switching a few pieces out, especially if a super-comfy piece of furniture in your living room may be interfering with doing lunges and squats, or going for an after-dinner walk. 

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