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4 ways to strength-train around your yard & neighborhood

Strength training is a weight loss essential since it builds muscle that replaces fat. If you plan to use Phentermine 37.5mg to lose weight fast, you’ll need to help the miracle weight loss pill with the right diet and exercise plan.

Assist your strength training efforts with these tips you can use around your property and neighborhood. 

Take Advantage of Park Benches & Trees

Incorporate strength training into your walking workouts with park benches and trees. Use them to perform standing push-ups and other moves, such as squats. They’re ideal if you’re still new to compound lifts and need support before doing them on your own. 

Use Sand

If you live along a coastline, take walks on the beach in dry sand. The added resistance sand provides makes walking workouts even more challenging and effective–try lunging in the sand as well to challenge yourself. Walking or running in the surf provides resistance benefits as well. 

Hit a Tire

Instead of throwing out your car’s latest old tire, make it part of your strength training workout. The “sledgehammer tire strike” move works the core, arms, back, and shoulders, and requires hoisting a sledgehammer up over your right and left shoulders before hitting the tire. Build up to two sets of 25 strikes per shoulder, and keep your feet shoulder-width apart for best results. 

You can also use the tire to perform exploding pushups, or where you push off the tire as hard as you can, then land on the auto part softly with your elbows and repeat. Flipping the tire provides yet another strength training exercise. 

Remember, exercise will not make up for a poor diet, and neither will Phentermine. Ensure you eat right to boost your weight loss efforts. 

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