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4 ways to stay motivated during your weight loss regimen

Motivation can wane while on a weight loss journey, which is normal. Factors such as busy work days, errands, kids, and “blah” feelings can make you uninterested in working out or fixing a healthy meal. And while it’s perfectly okay to have “cheat days,” it’s still essential to stay motivated. Use this guide to maintain yours.

Set Attainable Goals

Set reasonable, actionable goals for your weight loss program that you can achieve, such as “I will increase my daily physical activity by 15 to 20 minutes” or “I will make sure I consume protein at every meal.” Give yourself a deadline for every goal you set to help hold yourself accountable.

Practice Mindfulness

Think about why you want to eat each time you reach for food–are you truly hungry, or is something else going on? People eat for plenty of reasons other than hunger, such as sadness, happiness, and boredom. Practice mindfulness not only when you eat, but when you work out. The mind-muscle connection has shown to boost the effectiveness of exercise.

Work Out With a Friend

Enlist at least one workout buddy since working out with a friend provides another way to stay accountable. It also makes working out more fun. If you can find a community of individuals with similar weight loss goals, that’s even better.

Refine Your Environment

Make your home more conducive to weight loss, such as stocking your pantry and fridge with healthy care and getting rid of sugary, high-fat snacks. Put your workout clothes out the night before as a healthy morning reminder, and do food prep whenever possible. A shopping list full of nutrient-dense foods makes it easier to avoid temptations when you visit the grocery store.

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